Our services

We specialize in corporate finance transactions and advisory services focusing on Nordic mid-cap M&A transactions and capital markets advisory, as well as corporate development services offering financial expertise and resources for companies and projects throughout their life cycles from initiation to exit.


Corporate Finance


Assistance with sale of companies, business divisions and assets through structured and negotiated sales processes. We advise on preparations and tailor the divestment strategy and process to the situation, position the equity story, identify the optimal counterparts, and market, negotiate and coordinate a seamless sales process to maximise deal certainty and terms.


Advisory on acquisition of companies and assets, including new platforms, add-ons, LBOs and MBOs. We help identify and analyse targets, perform valuation, advise on strategy and tactics, prepare bids, negotiate, coordinate due diligence and execute the transaction safeguarding our clients’ interests at all times maximising their value creation and likelihood of success.


Support to companies seeking to combine with other companies or their divisions. We assist throughout the process, including review of strategic alternatives, partner search, strategy and tactics, process planning, financial analysis, synergy and strategic potential assessment, valuation, negotiation, deal structuring, coordination of due diligence and transaction execution.

Strategic Advisory

Strategic advisory to identify the optimal strategic solutions for companies to fully unlock their value creation potential. We leverage our full suite of capabilities and frameworks to identify the right strategic alternatives, including continued growth through acquisitions, mergers or new partnerships or exit through sale or IPO of the company.

Financing Advisory

Advisory to identify companies’ optimal capital structures, best financing sources and right investment banks and financial institutions to partner with. We help plan and structure the process, as well as position and craft the equity/debt story and support our clients with independent advice and support throughout the process to ensure best possible terms.

IPO Advisory

Independent advisory for companies contemplating listing of their shares on a stock exchange. We advise on selection of stock exchange, assess IPO readiness, position and craft the equity story, advise on investment banks to be engaged and negotiate their terms, as well as overlook the process from A to Z to take care of our clients’ interests throughout the process.


Support in relation to company restructurings, hereunder identification and mitigation of operational issues, carving out a sustainable capital structure, negotiations with creditors, review of assets and potential divestments, as well as establishing a post-restructuring equity story as foundation for a credible long-term financial plan that facilitates for fresh capital.

Company Valuations

Offering of company valuations on a stand-alone basis or as part of a transaction for investors companies and other relevant parties with proven methodology and scope tailored to clients’ objectives and needs. We also provide fairness opinions when an independent opinion on the terms of M&A, equity, related party or other transactions is required.

Financial Modelling

Crafting of financial models and financial analyses tailored to clients’ needs that demonstrates historical and future financial performance of projects or companies on standalone basis or subsequently to divestments, acquisitions, mergers, investments or other transactions. We offer standard models and tailormade models of high complexity.


Corporate Development

Start-up & Establishment

Assistance in relation to establishment of businesses and launch of projects equipping them with the necessary appeal to attract favourable financing. Leveraging our project development and capital market experience, we help plan, structure, position and support the process, including the crafting of a credible business plan to ensure a successful launch of the project.

Analysis & Positioning

Support for companies regarding financial modelling, planning and analysis to evaluate current and expected performance, as well as crafting presentations and other documentation to develop a convincing storyline to position the company towards customers, partners, investors, creditors, analysts and other stakeholders. We also support project development initiatives.

Pre-Transaction Advisory

Pre-transaction company assessments from A to Z, including company readiness analysis, as well as positioning of the company to maximize terms and deal certainty and identify initiatives and levers that can be tapped to increase company attractiveness and valuation, hereunder hidden value levers, transformative strategic initiatives, and equity story improvements.